Events: May 2020

May 2020 news

What an up and down roller-coaster ride we’ve had these past weeks under lockdown! 

We are also grateful to Vinpro, WOSA and the wine industry representative organisations, who are negotiating with the government to ease the restrictions on production, exports and, we hope eventually, on the domestic movement of wine. We received quite a few orders and as soon as we get the green light to ship, you will be the first to know, so watch this space!

Like many businesses we’ve started to increase our work load after the Level 5 lockdown. Although we can’t yet deliver wine domestically we can carry on with production in the cellar. With the myriad of safety protocols to follow to keep people safe it means we have to work with a limited staff complement, which in turn makes it challenging to carry out certain tasks in full, such as bottling.

This is a good time to do “house cleaning”, as most of us have done over the past few weeks. We treasure our relationship with our customers, and that’s why our clients are not just a number on a database. We are constantly improving our service so, if you have any feedback or comments, please let us know.

There is a definite change in the weather. The leaves are starting to fall and the beautiful autumn colours in the vineyards are slowly turning golden or reddish brown. We are looking forward to a nice, cold winter, hopefully with lots of rain, for the vineyards to recuperate after a great season. And this of course means red wine time!

See our Autumn Special, order now, and as soon as we are allowed to ship wine, your orders will be dispatched.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

May 2020 news