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The latest vintage releases from Mellasat Vineyards

We are excited to release our Mellasat White Pinotage 2016, Mellasat Viognier 2016 and Dekker's Valley Seraphic 2016!

The Dekker's Valley Seraphic 2016 is a blend of 51% Chardonnay, 40% Chenin Blanc and 9% Viognier. The Seraphic is a beautiful dry, light wine with only 12.5% alc. It is perfect to drink on its own or enjoy it with white fish, salads or slightly spicy food.

The White Pinotage 2016 is another stunning but delicate white wine. With crushed pineapple, hints of flowers, dried mango and a creaminess on the nose that follows to the palate. A wonderful food wine that goes perfect with lime marinated tuna with avocado, sesame seeds, celery and radish salad.

Our Viognier 2016, bottled in January 2017, is a delicate but complex Viognier. It has hints of spice, yellow peaches and apricots with a delicate jasmin touch. The wine was barrel fermented in a combination of Romanian and French oak and matured for 11 months. This is a more-ish wine that is light enough to enjoy on its own but will be a great food partner. (Currently this wine is the Mellasat's team favourite) Come and taste and invest in this wine before it is all gone.  Only 1900 bottles available.





The latest vintage releases from Mellasat Vineyards

Vineyard & Cellar News

2017 Harvest report

What a great harvest!  The grapes were healthy, our yields were up and we made some stunning wines this year. Another dry winter in 2016 with early heat meant that, once again, the grapes were ripening earlier. We were lucky not to be affected by the fires and our thoughts were with all the people who were affected by the destruction of the fires in our area.

The first grapes to come in were Pinotage for the first batch of our White Pinotage on the 13th of January 2017. It was followed by Chardonnay, and this year the grapes were healthy with great flavours – so we decided to make a few barrels of Chardonnay. We are very excited about our Viognier. The yields were higher than previous years, which mean there will be more Viognier for our Viognier lovers. The Chenin Blanc ripened slowly and it also developed into beautiful, healthy bunches with great depth.

It was definitely a winemaker’s year and we checked our grapes regularly in the vineyards to ensure that they were harvested at optimum ripeness. Towards the end of February and during early March the night temperatures dropped which meant that the grapes ripened more slowly and this led to more complexity. All our fermentations ran smoothly and we are happy with all the wines we’ve made.  

The only variety where the yields were lower was our Tempranillo, but only marginally so. The colour on all the red varietals was intense with good structure. The last red variety pressed was the Cabernet Sauvignon on the 16th of March. The red wines are now going through malolactic fermentation. So far, so good.

We have such an interest in our ‘Tuinwyn’ that we left some Chenin Blanc grapes for this wine. Hopefully this year the baboons will stay away and we will be able to make a straw wine again. We’ll keep you posted.

Vineyard & Cellar News