Events: January 2017

Vineyard and Cellar News

It is exciting time in the vineyard!  Veraison is starting and is very visible on the Pinotage and Tempranillo grapes. What is veraison? It is a French term – véraison  - and the official definition is ‘change of colour of the grape berries’. It is now a term that is generally adapted in English.

Shoot thinning took place early December. This practice is done to prevent vegetative growth and it is important to do as we want all the nutrients to go into the bunches, not into the leaves.

During December, we were busy in the barrel cellar. We racked our 2016 red wines off the full lees from barrel to barrel and now the maturation period started. Even though 2016 was a challenging vintage due to the drought conditions, the red wines taste great.  There is a lot of depth and complexity on all of them.

We’ve now bottled the 2016 Seraphic, 2016 Shiraz Rosè and the 2014 Revelation.  The Revelation 2014 is available at R80.00 per bottle.  We changed the blend slightly – the components are 53% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Shiraz and 12% Tempranillo. Place your orders now as this wine is very tasty and is already selling like hot cakes!

Vineyard and Cellar News

Bin-end special

Feeling the pinch on your credit card or bank account after the festive holidays? Well, look now further, this might suit you! For the month of January only our bin-end sale of the following great wines at unbelievable prices - only available at Mellasat Vineyards!

1 x 12 case Dekker’s Valley Seraphic 2015 – unlabelled @ R400.00 per case

2012 Chardonnay – spoilt labels @R65.00 per bottle (normal price R95.00)

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Bin-end special