Events: March 2016

2016 harvest report

We thought last year was an early harvest, however 2016 started even earlier! Carrying on from the cold but dryish winter in 2015, we've had a dry summer with early heat which led to the grapes ripening earlier. We received our first grapes, the first batch of Pinotage for our White Pinotage on 13th January and the last grapes, our Chenin Blanc for our Tuinwyn, were harvested on 9 March 2016.

We were very satisfied with the quality of the grapes although the yields were lower than average. Some varieties also had small bunches  - Cabernet Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc – the smaller bunches and berries means more concentrated fruit.

It was definitely a winemaker’s year and we checked our grapes regularly in the vineyards to ensure that they were harvested at optimum ripeness. We had some appreciable rain in early February which delayed ripening for the later varieties. Towards the end of February and during early March the night temperatures dropped which meant that the grapes ripened slower and this led to more complexity. Thus far, all our fermentations ran smoothly and we are happy with all the wines we’ve made. 

This is the first vintage of our Tuinwyn since 2011, the grapes are now drying out on racks and we are looking forward to making this wine! 

2016 harvest report